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About Me

I’m essentially a hobo. I have a trade, and I travel around exchanging my skills for room & board and payment.

I play the guitar, enjoy opera, alternative and indie rock, some Rap and R&B. Nerd/dork/whatever…and chronic fangirl: If it’s not Harry Potter, it’s Brittana. If it’s not Brittana, it’s The Hunger Games. If it’s not Hunger Games, it’s Mark Salling’s voice. The day I can admit this aloud to my girlfriend is the day I know that I’ve found my personal OTP. Until then, I will simply vent to my sister. Because she’s the only person I know who can recognize my insanity yet not judge me for it…Is that too much to ask?

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Science and Spirituality are two sides of the same coin. When I realized this, life became a lot more enjoyable.

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Forever Alone

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The Scarlet Letter, 1984, The Handmaid’s Tale, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Paper Towns, Looking For Alaska, Wicked, The Modern Book of the Dead, Ender’s Game,