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About Me

About Me

I like to dance in the shower and sing in my car.
I am rather shy, on a blind date I d probably have a beer to be more relaxed. I am not easy, breezy, beautiful in the morning- I am more like an emo that likes to be left alone- except morning sex ;P. I like my morning coffee with the paper and silence .
I climb a lot since I live in the mountains and by a lot I mean the three weeks of summer we have in Austria.
…if you come this far with reading you already know me well enough to have a chat with me… so write me! :)

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Looking For

Queer Friends on the Internet

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What I Like

Favorite Books

look at writers… maybe one that always comes to my mind is Doris Lessing’s Room 19

Favorite Movies

Superbad ;)
The squid ant he whale :)
Woody Allen movies :D

Favorite TV Shows

United States of Tara, Breaking Bad

Favorite Music

I like Beirut a lot.
AltJ, Balthazar, Beatles, Portugal The Man, FLorence and the Machine, …

Favorite Sandwich

Tomatos, Pesto, Garlic, Rucola

Favorite Writers

puhhhh…. I like Mr. Hemingway.. in general the lost generation, Sinclair, Firtzgerald…
also crime stuff like the Milleniums triology, scandinavian thriller authors
Bulgakow and Kafka, Shakespear
.. now I m getting a little pretentious.. lol