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Queer, Femme


What I Like

Favorite Queer Books

the night watch (sarah waters), the hours (michael cunningham), mrs. dalloway (virginia woolf), the colour purple (alice walker), oranges are not the only fruit (jeanette winterson).

Favorite Movies

anything by quentin tarantino. also, stranger than fiction and seven pounds.

Favorite TV Shows

house md, 30 rock, pushing daisies, true blood.

Favorite Sandwich

dark rye with cream spinach and sundried tomatoes. HELLO.

Favorite Thing on

everything riese writes.
also, everything written by everyone on this site, including the commenters.
also, deanne smith (can she write more, please?)

Favorite Writers

virginia woolf, michael cunningham, anne sexton, alice walker, jane austen, sylvia plath, jonathan safran foer, miranda july.