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About Me

About Me

the usual

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Queer, Femme


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What I Like

Favorite Books

galatea 2.2

Favorite Queer Books

on lies, secrets, & silence – adrienne rich

Favorite Movies

i regularly skip this section because my taste is embarrassing

Favorite Documentaries

damn autostraddle u for real?

Favorite Sandwich

ok here's what you do. toast an english muffin; fry an egg over easy. mayo on the muffin, maybe a touch of horseradish sauce, be loose. arugula. turkey pastrami. thick-ass slice of sharp cheddar directly over the egg for maximum meltage potential. apple (breed of your choice) in a thin flat slice the diameter of the muffin. consume with a rull good beer OR a cold-ass diet coke.

Favorite Thing on

julie goldman. she is not a thing but I regularly objectify her, so.

Favorite Writers

atwood, allende, kundera, powers