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About Me

About Me

So… I’m a lover, writer (my book’s called ‘Logodaedaly’ and it’s weird), traveler, and nerd, born in the US but living in Hungary, rather migratory… I love love, wandering, literature, the philosophy of science, quantum physics, and cats. Every kind of cat. I’m sorry, I’m thinking about cats again.

Check All That Apply

Queer, Pansexual


Joyously Atheist, philosophically scientific, ethically Buddhist

Relationship Status

Married, Open Relationship, Non-Monogamous Relationship


Gratitude, love, creativity. I can smell static electricity.


Self-loathing, emotional breakdowns, excessive wine; I don't do laundry very often.

Are You Out To Your....

Member(s) of Immediate Family, Close Friends, It's Complicated

What I Like

Favorite Books

Pale Fire, The Volcano Lover, Fingersmith, Tristram Shandy, The Rings of Saturn, The Blood Oranges, Invisible Cities, The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Prisoner of Love, Orlando

Favorite Queer Books

Prisoner of Love, The Balcony (play), Tipping the Velvet, Orlando, Nightwood, The Price of Salt

Favorite Movies

The Blues Brothers, Singing in the Rain, LOTR (yeah, I know)

Favorite Documentaries

Deep Water, Planet Earth, more I can’t remember

Favorite TV Shows

M*A*S*H (again, I know), The L Word (how can you not?), Golden Girls, Parks & Rec,

Favorite Music

Paul Simon, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Ani D, A3

Favorite Sandwich

Smooshed figs and salt (I'm serious)

Favorite Quotes

“I find myself enriched by an indescribable amazement, as if informed that fireflies were transmitting messages from stranded spirits, or a bat was writing a legible tale of torture on the bruised and branded sky.” – Nabokov
“Anything which lies in the palm of love is good.” – John Hawkes

Favorite Thing on Autostraddle.com

Butch Please, NSFW Sunday, pretty much all of it

Favorite Writers

Vladimir Nabokov, Susan Sontag, Sarah Waters, Lawrence Sterne, W.G. Sebald, John Hawkes, Italo Calvino, Thornton Wilder, Jean Genet, Virginia Woolf