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currently moving from New York back to Santiago, Chile, where I lived 3 years before and my gf is from

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Lesbian, Gay, Queer


I studied religious studies in college and wrote my thesis on don juan and the spirit of sensuality. So i really gotta read about Audre lorde idea of the erotic as a spiritual thing. I'm down with that. currently i'm into wicca earth spirituality, different meditations, but honestly, its a whole mix of things, one of my life projects for sure.

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In a Relationship, Domestically Partnered

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oh my lord. im currently just going through organizing decades of books. i have a book problem.
I dunno. I had a feminist spirituality phase this year, so carol christ, judith plaskow, starhawk, others i dont remember, those were all cool. Right now I’m reading, “Dancing on on our turtle’s back”, a Canadian indigenous book, that is really good . Charles Simic and John Ashberry are poets I love. Im doing some spanish lit coursework lately for some career stuff and a good lady writer from Argentina is victoria ocampo (EDIT: i meant SILVINA ocampo, who is sister of victoria, who was actually more wellknown, she was if i recall correctly, like an editress of a modernist argentine lit mag. they were big figures in that whole scene that included borges and others, but silvinas writing is trippy and wonderful. think pretty little liars dolls but way more intense and angry and reincarnation and just angry surreal women). paletitas de guayaba and corazon descalzo were awesome books i read for school. gloria anzaldua of course. Im working my way through some of the feminist canon and such im a bit behind. I always loved borges, calvino. This is too much pressure lol.