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About Me

I am a 25 year old single mom and full time college student. I’m super loud and love whatever I happen to love. Wheather it’s a shitty tv show like Glee or the amazingness that is Youtubers, I’m proud to be in love with it. And I mean really in love with it. Like, I’m reblogging that shit on Tumblr. Yep. I’m majoring in communications because, hey, who actually needs a guarenteed job when they graduate college, right? It’s all good, though. I love what I’m learning and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I go to what was until this year an all-girl’s school and often feel like every single lesbian on campus (there are so many.) is judging me. Don’t get me wrong, I love them all like crazy, but sometimes I don’t feel gay enough. Maybe it’s because I’ve just realized that I am like full on gay after years of thinking that I was pansexual. Yeah, I’m pansexual for anyone that identifies as female. Gosh, why am I writing all this. This is not a blog, Robin. This is not what Kate told you to do. Anyhow. Let’s move one. My daughter is three and the love of my life even when she’s a pain in my ass. She’s the only thing I’ve ever done right. I dream of living in the big city (New York, San Francisco or London) and raising my daughter immersed in too much culture to handle. Oops. I come from a tourist town and hate it, yet my dream cities are all even bigger tourist towns. Well, that’s life for ya, right? If you can’t tell by now, I have ADHD and no filter. I say what’s on my mind and then jump over to the next topic quicker than most people can keep up with. I try to tone it down but at 2am when I’m trying to finish a paper is not when that’s going to happen. Nobody is ever going to read this but that’s okay because I’m getting it out of my system and I really think that I need too. I have nothing else to say right now. Love you!

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