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Australia, Sydney

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About Me

Heey my name is Marcia *Marseeyah* I love video games and a fun time :) I am 16 years of age turning 17 soon still in Highschool..! I have a black birthmark on my forehead which some people may refer it to a mole? Idk? I’m happy I guess! I love my sports especially Rugby and Basketball! I am the second oldest sibling in my family! I love music :-) MUSIC + ME = YAY!!!!!!! I don’t really drink as in alcohol! I smoke a little but quitting YESSS!! Um I’m looking for friendships/relationships? I can be very anti-social but if I like the topic/subject of the conversation then I’ll definitely talk :) I try make a conversation but then it doesn’t really last soo that’s really awkward for both of us :'( yay

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Lesbian, Queer, Butch, Stud/AG, Boi



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Single, Forever Alone