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Boston, MA

About Me

About Me

I cry every time Ellen gives people money. Every time.

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Sister Mary Clarence (getting points from my wife for that one)

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What I Like

Favorite Books

The Loan Surfer of Montana, Kansas
The Catcher in the Rye
High Fidelity
No One Belongs Here More than you

Favorite Queer Books

Two or Three Things I Know for Sure
The IHOP Papers

Favorite Movies

Almost Famous, Bridesmaids, All the Real Girls, Reality Bites, Wet Hot American Summer, American Beauty

Favorite Documentaries

Bomb It

Favorite TV Shows

So You Think You Can Dance, Top Chef, Parks and Recreation

Favorite Music

Bon Iver, Broken Social Scene, Florence and the Machine, Lady Gaga

Favorite Sandwich

Tuna melt

Favorite Thing on

Riese’s recaps, In Your Box Office

Favorite Writers