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Meagan Gonzalez


Dallas, TX

About Me

About Me

I love music. I sing. I paint. I write. I read. Pretty much a classic bohemian at heart. I’m passionate. I love health and fitness. I’m very focused on getting in shape right now. I want to be a personal trainer/nutritionist or something along those lines. I love food. I love finding healthy alternatives for my favorite dishes. I want to learn to cook better. I’m very open to trying new things, especially if it involves the outdoors or festivals or eating exotic foods and so on. I’m very sweet and generous. I love to do things for people and I like to feel included. I’m dramatic, almost theatrical, once you get to know me. I’ve been described as goofy, or jolly. I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh. Also, I’m Buddhist. Very much a peace-loving, eco-friendly, people-person. I’m very perceptive and observant. I like to watch people’s behavior. I love to learn. I see everyone as a teacher; even pleasant people. Anyway, don’t be shy! I like giving people a chance no matter how different we might be.

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Lesbian, Femme, Boi



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Favorite Books

The Monstrumologist series so far. but in general: Thriller / Horror, True Story, Science Fiction, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Action Adventure, Indie, Fantasy