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About Me

I am 23 year old lesbian, I grew up in Denmark with a Danish father and an Irish mother. I moved to Dublin in 2008 for my undergrad in Sociology & Social Policy at Trinity College, Dublin and now I’m heading to the University of Surrey (which is in Surrey, just south of London, UK) for an MA in International Law.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time watching TV, I can’t help it! I think it’s because I like to dream and imagine a plethora of possible futures for myself, you know, Doctor Aoife, Lawyer Aoife, Kicking-Alien-Ass-Aoife, Musical-Theatre-Star-Aoife etc. you get the picture… I also love to read, words are beautiful and powerful. Once upon a time I used to sing a lot more than I do now and I recently bought myself a guitar and started learning, which hopefully means I will sing again. Incidentally, if any of you have any great websites for beginner guitar players – don’t be selfish, share!

Finally, because you got tired of reading this about before you even started, here are some interests/hobbies:

Musical theatre
Civil rights/human rights/LGBT rights/women’s rights etc.

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Lesbian, Femme


Atheist – but I guess I'm a tad spiritual?

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