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About Me

About Me

I’m a 5’10 overweight but really pretty attractive gay woman with a nine year old boxer living with a converted Jewish older sister, and an ex-boyfriend (I dabbled, okay?), and I just seem to love run on sentences. I also love walking excessively and making food. And being right. And admitting when I’m wrong. And whiskers on kittens and brown paper packages tied up with string. Am I writing the right things here?

Check All That Apply

Gay, Genderqueer


Nichiren Buddhism




Looking For

Queer Friends in my Area, Queer Friends on the Internet

Relationship Status

In a Relationship

Are You Out To Your....

Member(s) of Immediate Family, Members(s) of Extended Family, Close Friends, All Friends, School/Work, Everybody

What I Like

Favorite Books

Their Eyes Were Watching God, Harry Potter, anything by C.J. Parrish, Fun Home (amazing!), a bunch more, see above claim to literacy.

Favorite Queer Books

Fun Home

Favorite Movies

Unforgiven, Shawshank Redemption, House Of Flying Daggers, Dark Knight everything, V for Vendetta, The Major and the Minor, Oklahoma, basically old movies and their musical counterparts.

Favorite Sandwich

Salami with a little bit of butter and some sharp dijon mustard

Favorite Writers

Jane Austen (can’t help it), Alexander Hamilton, Adam Smith, Henry David Thoreau, Alison Bechdel, Jill Scott, Zora Neale Hurston, the folks who write the Bible, the folks who wrote the Quran, the folks who wrote the Dhammapadda, C.J. Parrish. A slew more, I swear, I’m quite literate.