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Raleigh, North Carolina

About Me

About Me

There isn’t really a lot to say, in my spare time I like doing working on computers, either fixing them, or looking up ways to improve them. I personally think Windows is the devil and I’m a firm believer in both Linux and Mac OS X. I’m also somewhat into gaming… not anywhere near as much as I used to be. I love spending a good chunk of my time playing games like Civilization, or just roaming around the wasteland in Fallout. I also spend a very large chunk of time reading, and writing science fiction, and I’m always looking for new stuff to read.

Most importantly though, I’m absolutely obsessed with foxes and like collecting fox themed things.

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Lesbian, Trans*, Trans Woman, Transgender


Spiritual: No Clue, still kinda feeling it out, I think I vaguly believe in reincarnation?

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Redshirts – John Scalzi