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About Me

I am a recent college graduate trying to make a life plan. I have like three bullet journals dedicated to the task.
I like to think of myself as a radical leftist who always has room to grow and learn and be called in. A queer domestic violence survivor, I did a lot of support work in college and hope to continue to do that work in some capacity. I’m taking this year to (maybe?) study for the LSAT and (maybe?) study for the GRE and (maybe?) decide if I want to go to grad school even though the academy nearly killed my low-income chronically-ill butt. So if you have thoughts + feelings about that, let me know.

I love queer community and discussing queer things. I also majored in environmental studies and therefore love the Earth. These loves combined led me to launch my very own blog: envirofemme.com
If you have a moment, check it out and give it some Autostraddle community love.

I also have a rabbit named Andrea Tegan Gertrude.

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Bisexual, Queer, Non-binary, Femme


Unitarian Universalist

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