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Milford NJ

About Me

About Me

Hmm,, About me? I am a long time post op trans girl living in Joisy. I am a outdoors type of person that is comfortable off the trail in the big woods wandering about or on the water sailing. I sail catamarans at Sandy Hook Bay on weekends and live a happy stealthly life as a tomboy hidden in plain site.

Check All That Apply

Lesbian, Trans Woman, Femme


Spirituality rocks, live and let live, reach for the sky



Looking For

A Girlfriend

Relationship Status

Single, Sleeping Around, It's Complicated, Forever Alone, Pining, Damaged, Rebounding


Giving volunteering happy soul


I get taken advanatge of because of it

Are You Out To Your....

Member(s) of Immediate Family, Members(s) of Extended Family, Close Friends, All Friends, School/Work, Everybody, Nobody

What I Like

Favorite Books

She is Not There, Vagina Monologues, A Sun Burnt Country, A Walk in the Woods, Paper Chase, Women that Run with Wolves.

Favorite Movies

Dune, When Night is Falling, Avatar, Ghost, Pearl, Scrooges ( Bill Murrayversion and the old one to), Underworld,, all of them.
I<m a huge vampire flix fan long before it was fashionable, but my twist is I like the ones were evil wins. Nothing like the fangs sunk in deep and left there. Harold and Maude was cult hit hi on my list.

Favorite Documentaries

Educational, environemental, nova, history channel

Favorite TV Shows

Okay,, I’m busted. I like I- Carly and the tomboy Sam character’s personality. She is so much how I see myself back then and in a milder manner today. That would be me through and through. I dont watch much tv,, I hate sitcoms to death.

Favorite Music

I love Lelia Broussard and any female singer with a rasp gutteral voice. That just kills me. Namoli Brennet gets my heart too I listen to anything but rap,, sorry I just dont like it.
Reggae is a great mood setter in summer.

Favorite Sandwich

Muffeletta, homemade of course, even the bread. Its a sicilian samich

Favorite Thing to Autostraddle

Cruise and explore

Favorite Quotes

There will be no white flag upon my door. The other one is from my Dad,, “Dont do it, dont go there, I have done it already and I know what your thinking so forget it. Its not gonna be worth the suffering, pain and punishment your gonna get after. Trust me on this I know this personally.” ( well I did it anyway,, he was right, oh well :>) I did mention I am a tomboy right?

Favorite Thing on


Favorite Writers

Jennifer Boylan, Eve Ensler, Bill Bryson