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Oliver Damascus


North Carolina, les États-Unis

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About Me

I’m Oliver and I love this website and I don’t care that that’s a little strange given my demographic (mostly gay trans guy) because it’s really really awesome in an enduring way that has held my attention long after I stopped identifying as a bisexual girl, or a bi genderqueer woMAN, or anything that this website purports to cater to, really. BASICALLY AUTOSTRADDLE IS JUST THE ABSOLUTE SHIT. It’s like one of the few places I spend my internet time that don’t involve nerdliness or fanfiction. Just here and Questionable Content, and QC is arguably a nerdly pursuit.

I tumbl here: jabez-dawes.tumblr.com
but don’t expect to find much diamond in that rough. It’s mostly Supernatural-related flailing at the moment, and when that obsession calms down a bit it’ll probs be a disorganized mélange of fandom lols, reblogs of funny shit, queer social justice thoughts, and porn. Honestly I am not that interesting as an online presence, so proceed at your own risk (of boredom).

Check All That Apply

Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Trans*, Trans Man, Transgender, Genderqueer, Sexually Fluid


Totes Quaker. Other than that, ah, hmmm. Quasitheist? Agnostic? Theist? I think and feel and behave as though there is a God, and I think she (he, they, ze) probably exists, but it's possible that from nothing we came, and from nothing do we return, etc. But I'm pretty sure that if God exists, and if souls exist (and I'm pretty sure they do), then whatever comes after death is both merciful and just. So the idea of eternal torment doesn't really fit into that equation, à mon avis, though other versions of hell (temporary? self-assigned? idk) might. Just. Feel free to abbreviate me as a Quaker or have a conversation with me, according to your interest in what I think about spirituality/religion/ethics/morality/etc.

Relationship Status

Single, Forever Alone, Pining, Damaged