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Orem, Utah

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About Me

My philosophy on life is that we are the sum total of our experiences and choices (good and bad) and if we like who we are today (and I do) then there are no room for regrets – only room to learn and grow…(very “zen”…I know…lol). I graduated from Utah Valley University with honors and an Associates degree in an ABA approved paralegal program in December 2013. I work in a government job running the front counter, for now. The goal is to move up the ranks as quickly as possible. But first and foremost in my life…I am a Mom of two teenagers that mean the world to me! I’m pretty much starting my life over. And, being an out bisexual woman, I have a cause that is near and dear to my heart. I want to be part of the solution in ending biphobia and bi-erasure/bisexual invisibility. I have a small Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/bi.bi.stereotypes/) that is centered around fighting bisexual invisibility but I think the best way to start a real conversation (that puts the issue out there on a national level) would be to create a very moving and relatable documentary about the issue. But I need help. I need people’s stories to compile into some type of screenplay and I need people involved in filming…because I’m just a single, working, bisexual mom with a flair for writing and a fire in my belly for bisexual acceptance and inclusion…but I’m not a film maker. I think the right documentary can bring National attention to bisexuality and the problems associated with biphobia and erasure. Anyone want to be part of that and help me???

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I'm a Pagan/Wiccan/Faeist (I think I probably made up that last word…I worship faeries)

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Dreamfever series (by K.M.M.), Gameboard of the Gods, Divergent, The Hunger Games series, Wicked Lovely series, I am Not a Serial Killer series, Iron Fey series, Tithe, Valiant, Siddhartha, Ironside, Harry Potter series, Twilight series, City of Glass series, etc.