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Currently: London, ON! but I'll be going back to New Zealand in May 2014 sometime

About Me

About Me

I never know what to put on these things. I have a terrible internet presence in that I’m more of a lurker than an active participant most of the time. I’m trying to be more outgoing. I’m majoring in Linguistics and Japanese at my home university but have no idea what I want to do when I graduate. So I’m on exchange in Canada for a year avoiding that? I don’t really know. Whatever I’m doing, it’s pretty fun at the moment!
I like to read a lot, and play video games. I tend to play things for the story-line, and I feel like I should really get around to playing the Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem series’ because I keep hearing about how good they are.
Real talk though, my favourite game is definitely Harvest Moon. I am open to all incarnations of it, but have only played Magical Melody, FoMT, and A Wonderful Life.

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Lesbian, Queer, Other

What I Like

Favorite Books

A Plague of Angels
Harry Potter (the whole series, though can I say that when I haven’t finished the final book still?)