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About Me

Growing up in a socially programmed environment that tried to teach me that I can’t have or act upon any of my natural desires and tastes. These are choices from my individuality guided my perspectives. When they didn’t fit in line with the stereotypical ideals society decided I should be experiencing, I was prohibited to act upon my choices, which denied my desires and tastes from gaining the measure of satisfaction that should have been realized. At an early age, I discovered the patent leather Mary Janes and later high heels more appealing and chose to wear them, instead of what others decided I had to wear. Apparently, they followed some social decree that dictated I wasn’t suppose to have such feelings, because of the dominant male organs I had developed through maturation of birth. The fact my feelings and experiences are real and their telling me I was wrong didn’t ring true, which led me to give less credence to what others told me on matters of priority and importance, until what they said fit what I knew to be truly correct and right. The people around me didn’t seem to care about the real me. So the seeds of distrust for others were sown and this led to guarded and limited relationships with everyone. However, these experiences helped me to try seeing things from another’s perspective.

If you’re asking about my sexual orientation about now, please know that I only want to be with the woman who I can be open to and we can truthfully share and enjoy being with each other, in spite of my beyond obsession with wearing high stiletto pumps. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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