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Oakland, CA

About Me

About Me

oh, just trying to walk kindly & gently through this world.

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Lesbian, Queer

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Queer Friends in my Area


kindness, feelings


red wine, feelings

Are You Out To Your....


What I Like

Favorite Books

The Argonauts, Max Makes a Million, Juliet Takes a Breath, Tell the Wolves I’m Home

Favorite Music

Vienna Teng, Dar Williams, Julia Nunes, Mal Blum, etc.

Favorite Sandwich

tofu banh mi

Favorite Quotes

Write the story that you were always afraid to tell. I swear to you that there is magic in it, and if you show yourself naked for me, I’ll be naked for you. It will be our covenant.

– dorothy allison

And I sat there in the afternoon, drinking bourbon, getting good and smashed, being completely open to the world in that temporary way like I was when I came to town and I was discovering myself to be a poet. I had my notebook open to all the light coming in.

– eileen myles

It’d seem that the latest trend in sweater fashions is “sweater with no pants on.” We highly suggest you try this at home.

– riese bernard on autostraddle dot com, circa 2012

Favorite Writers

dorothy allison, audre lorde, maira kalman, maggie nelson, anne lamott, l.m. montgomery duh