The Basics




Mansfield, Texas

About Me

About Me

I’m just a bi-gendered, female-bodied, panromantic a-/demi-sexual that’s like, 95% lesbian.

Or maybe you could say I’m just a Sailor Uranus looking for her Neptune. Though…I guess that’s…inaccurate, given that i’m nothing like uranus and……yeah.. I’ll shut up now. ._.

Check All That Apply

Lesbian, Queer, Trans*, Butch, Femme, Other


My belief system is derived from various others. I don't really have a label except atheist.

Relationship Status

Single, It's Complicated, Forever Alone, Pining

What I Like

Favorite Books

The Harry Potter series first and foremost. I uh, I read a lot of (slash) fanfiction though. I kind of count that. Hmm… Pretty much anything from Vonnegut. Several manga. The Fault In Our Stars.