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About Me

Hey Hey Y’all!
I’m just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. But it’s okay, I’m halfway there while livin on a prayer.

Haha sorry, I’m done with the song cliches.

Things I love: friends, laughing, people being nice to each other, family, being spontaneous, music, video games, the Dallas Cowboys, corny jokes, history, learning about different cultures, embracing the unusual, coffee, playing in the snow, watching re-runs, girl’s night outs, apple products, chocolate, going to the movies, finding a good sale, changing things up randomly, meeting new people, life, God, my job, bow ties, long drives, being outside, puppies, dolphins, mimosas, amaretto sours, watching sports with my friends, a night in, my pajamas, and all the amazing people at Autostraddle.

Things I hate: intolerance, people being assholes to people, the Washington Redskins, any Pennsylvania Teams, and horror movies.
Sports and gaming are my two main hobbies that really make me stick out. I am a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan, but I also root for the Yankees, Crimson Tide, and Washington Capitals (Eclectic group I know- also, I’m really not into the NBA all that much)!

As far as gaming goes, I do the whole console thing (Xbox, PS3, Wii) and the computer thing (mostly WoW). While my skills at most games (like CoD and Halo) could be charitably described as novice, I am pretty pro at Mario Kart for Wii. :)

Definitely looking to meet some new friends and get absorbed into the culture- and if i can meet someone with potential in all that, that’s awesome too! :)

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Lesbian, Gay, Queer


Christian (Protestant)

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