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About Me

I’m a 32 year old Latina lesbian woman who hasn’t been active in the queer community since 2005, which coincidentally enough is the same year I committed to my partner. My last direct involvement in the community was very minimal, having worked a soda booth at SF Pride Sunday that 2005. Before then, I had participated in a few queer conferences having had co-presented several workshops focusing on feminism, trans, youth, and people of color. The last conference that I presented was problematic as there was a protest from one of the presenters who had his bio re-worded to remove references to his activism as a pro-Palestine Jew.

During that conference, I had some difficulty myself in one session that was meant for queer youth of color so as to give us a space to discuss the external and internal confrontations we experience from the nexus of race, class, age, sexuality, and gender identity/expression.

Instead of helping our community, I have been focusing on myself, my partner, and my job. He had started T two months before we got together in 2005, which means that he was pretty much coming up for the beginning of our partnership. I had started my hormonal transition back in 2000 but had started taking a new one around that same time which made both of us pretty loopy with our in-flux hormonal balances. As for my job, as it’s a nonprofit the similar issue that all nonprofits face: lack of resources. So I’ve been working more than 1 FTE for the past half-decade having to cover the slack due to no room in our org’s budget to add new co-workers in my department. Now I’ve finally got more folks to directly help me out so am finally able to have a life outside of work.

I haven’t been involved with any volunteering, social work (outside of working for a nonprofit where I get very little interaction with the community), and the like, since then which is something I hope to reverse soon.

I’d like to meet like-minded queers in the Bay Area, especially those who can speak queer/trans/feminist theory, hoping to meet up with folks I had met in the past and those that I should have already met if I had gotten out more.

Tambien me gusta escribir en español… pero no te apures porque si quieres entender todo que estoy escribiendo, puedes fácilmente poner mis palabras en Google Traductor ;).

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