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About Me

Tieara Myers uses a variety of psychic tools to help her clients find clarity, purpose, and see themselves anew in this world. A long time lover of the metaphysics, she started studying the psychic arts in 2007 at a local psychic school in Chicago. Over the course of 8 years, she learned the mechanics of giving psychic readings and healing as well as spiritual teaching. Each month, she offers professional psychic readings in an ever changing rotations of themes while also offering reoccurring aura readings. She is looking forward to expanding an offering psychic readings at events, teaching online classes, and getting even more creative with how to communicate the psychic experience.

As a lover of the moon, Tieara has begun offering bi-monthly readings about the lunar cycles impact on the human beings of planet earth. This insightful moon reading go into depth about a particular theme while including any next steps that may come up. These very unique moon readings are have the tone of an astrological readings, but instead of reading a chart, Tieara reads the energy of the moon as a psychic. This offers a fresh perspective of soul messages that others can resonate with easily. Tieara offers professional psychic readings here in Chicago, IL or online via Skype.


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