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Los Angeles

About Me

About Me

dancer. red doc martens.short hair.shaved hair. blue hair. pink hair. buddhist beliefs. glasses. reader. theatrical.

I like to be happy and helpful. I really love to meet new people and have conversations.

I deal with anxiety and depression. Learning to listen better to myself and others.

If it’s worth it, do it. Your life will be better.

Things I like: RAIN. nature. living in a city. running. dancing. chatting online. comfy, good-looking, and practical clothes. learning. cool hair. BLUE. tea. but coffee too. laughing. hiking.traveling. good television shows. great movies. burritos. friends. redwoods. tea. fairies. a fun playlist. inside jokes. cats. regular sized dogs. my bed.

Every person is a process and is constantly changing.

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Genderqueer, Pansexual


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