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About Me

Right now I work too many hours as an in-home aide to developmentally disabled adults and as a substitute teacher. When I’m not working, I like to watch terrible movies with my girlfriend, read (fiction and non-fiction, of any genre), knit small things, fix things, cook, go outside when the weather’s nice, and read all the comments on Autostraddle articles.

I’ve been sort-of out for about 3 years, and finally began officially coming out to old friends and family when I started dating my girlfriend last year. I am not actively involved in any local LGBT groups, or have any local friends who identify as any variant of queer, so hooray for the Internet and Autostraddle for news and information relevant to my interests! I tend to be a lurker, but my New Year’s Resolution is to make new friends, so please say hi!

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Fried egg over easy on toast with tomato, avocado, melty cheese, and ketchup

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