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Laura Ritchie


Edmonton, AB

About Me

About Me

Woah, do I ever love AutoStraddle. When you grow up in a small city and don’t know anyone in the Queer community, your first instinct is to reach out to the internet. I learned quickly that the Queer community lives for change and is as fluid as it’s membership. I’m thankful today that Ive been able to be a part of the community in my city, and watch the community take off (like my 17 year old libido at the thought of going to a real lesbian bar for the first time).

I currently work from home, am thankful for my city’s ‘making things happen’ dedication, all of its players, and looking forward to watching things continue to change for the better.

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Lesbian, Gay, Queer




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In a Relationship, Civil Unionized, Domestically Partnered


Honest, Passionate, Fluid


My Fiancée, My Cats, Anything Sweet, Fur, Leather, Food in General, Smoking

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