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About Me

I feel like everytime I do these things I never truly give an accurate view of who I am….. Maybe I should get one of my friends to write this…… but then they’d put all the embarassing things i do sometimes… Ok here goes nothing. I’m a girl with BIG dreams who feels like they’re meant for more, but honestly who doesn’t hah. I have crappy grammar…. you’re lucky you’re not text speak cos that shit is impossible to decipher you’d spend an hour on one line. I’m pretty random I say and do random things all the time. My heart is WAY too big for its own good and it has a home on my sleeve. I like to make others happy, I do NOT tolerate crying or sadness, I will go out of my way to help someone feel better and make them smile even on their worst days and it usually works. I love people with talents that I do not possess or people who are better than me at something, I feel like I can learn so much. I’m a performer, my specialty is singing. Yes, i’m good and my mom isn’t the only person to say so. SO THERE!!! lol. I’m pretty goofy so you should have a good sense of humor if we’re gonna associate with one another lol. I’m sarcastic but in a sweet way. I smile alot, I’ve been told it can warm your heart. I don’t have an eyebrow ring anymore :(. I’m very honest and I don’t like to bs people. So if i say something I mean it and I’m not trying to look good or impress you. I’m one of the nicest people ever until you piss me off. I can be friends with pretty much anybody so don’t be shy hit me up.

P.S.– If you play guitar OMG hit me up so you can TEACH MEEEEE PLEASEEEE lol. just saying….. you don’t have to but it’d be nice… k bye

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Lesbian, "Label-Free"

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Queer Friends in my Area, Queer Friends on the Internet

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