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About Me

Getting all of “about me” in this square is well…the challenge we all face. The top layer (yes, there are many) – Blessed to live an adventurous life where I enjoy working & creating with the minds, hands & spirit – and yes, lots of powertools.
Laughter is the key to many things – especially, connections of the heart – whether it be Friends, lovers or family. If work doesn’t involve fun, then I really don’t want to play. Bottom line- laugh, have fun, share your passions and if love occurs then all the better. However, One life long friend may be worth more than 10 lovers.
Layers…lots of layers.

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Lesbian, Gay, Butch, Femme


Very spiritual, in a grounded and centered kind of way – what does that mean? My spirituality is MY work, I welcome all to my journey knowing everyone and everything is here for a reason a season or a lifetime.

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“Ask and It is Given” – Esther Hicks