The Basics





About Me

Check All That Apply

Lesbian, Queer


our psalms are sing-along songs

Relationship Status

Single, Forever Alone, Damaged


i would offer you my pulse if i thought it would be useful


self-destructive/defeating behavior, anxiety, despair

Are You Out To Your....

Member(s) of Immediate Family, School/Work, It's Complicated

What I Like

Favorite Books

‘ordinary people’ by judith guest

Favorite TV Shows

currently: the good wife, top chef, castle. historically: so many…

Favorite Music

the national, radiohead, ani difranco, the national, johnny foreigner, the hold steady, japandroids, modest mouse, aimee mann, arcade fire, the national

Favorite Sandwich

various permutations of the turkey club

Favorite Quotes

“art isn’t anecdote. it’s the consciousness we bring to bear on our lives.” -cheryl strayed

Favorite Thing on

right now it’s a tie between riese’s essay on planned parenthood and the ani difranco appreciation club.

Favorite Writers

stephen elliott, cheryl strayed, aaron sorkin before he left ‘the west wing’. i am not-so-secretly terrible at answering this question.