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About Me

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Looking For

Queer Friends in my Area, Queer Friends on the Internet, Business Contacts


Caffeine, Staying Up Later Than I Should

Are You Out To Your....


What I Like

Favorite Books

Too many to name – but mostly nonfiction at the moment. I’m in love with books. I’m that person who smells the inside binding and sighs.

Favorite Documentaries

Any VICE Documentary, Anything with BBC’s Dr. Michael Mosley or Dr. Brian Cox or David Attenborough, Connections with James Burke, Frozen Planet, Ken Burn’s Stuff, BBC Frontline Medicine, Living in Emergency, The Story of Maths, WWII in HD, The Invisible War, Baghdad ER, The Story of India, America: The Story of Us, Mankind: The Story of All of Us, How to Survive a Plague, The Cold War Series, Inventions that Changed the World, Blood and Guts, Medical Mavericks, The Story of Science, The Brain: A Secret History, The Universe, Through the Wormhole

Favorite TV Shows

Dexter, Breaking Bad, QI with Stephen Fry

Favorite Music

Anything but Chinese opera…although I’m willing to give this another shot.

I listen to quite a bit of spoken poetry as well. My faves: Lacey Roop, Joanna Hoffman, Alysia Harris, Jeanann Verlee, Lauren Zuniga, Franny Choi, Andrea Gibson, Carrie Rudzinski, Sarah Kay, Joshua Bennett, Michael Lee. And I love podcasts: NPR’s Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, Smart Passive Income, BlogcastFM, Tech Talk, and more.

Favorite Quotes

“Do great work and share it with people.” Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income