The Basics





About Me

About Me

I’m a postgrad student doing a PhD in history. I enjoy good banter, girls in pencil skirts, whisky (Scottish-only), yoga, painting, and postmodern art.

Check All That Apply

Lesbian, Queer, Genderqueer


Non-religious lover of Buddhist philosophy



Looking For

Queer Friends in my Area, Queer Friends on the Internet

Relationship Status

Non-Monogamous Relationship, It's Complicated


Patience, magnanimity, liberality


Licentiousness, vulgarity, shamelessness

Are You Out To Your....

Member(s) of Immediate Family, Members(s) of Extended Family, Close Friends, All Friends, School/Work, Everybody

What I Like

Favorite Books

Letters of the Younger Pliny, Through the Looking Glass, The Communist Manifesto, To the Lighthouse, The Illiad

Favorite Queer Books

Oranges are not the Only Fruit

Favorite Movies

Little Miss Sunshine, Donnie Darko, Harold and Maude, Sin noticias de dios, 8 femmes

Favorite Music

Janis Joplin, The Who, Hunter Valentine, Jefferson Airplane

Favorite Sandwich

Hummus, basil tofu, sun-dried tomatoes on a whole wheat bagel

Favorite Quotes

“We can’t do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles. In the meantime we should all go shopping to console ourselves.”

‘If you want a cat for 365 days, right? But you ain’t got him for 365 days, you got him for one day, man.
Well I tell you that one day better be your life, man. Because, you know… you can cry about the other 364, man, but you’re gonna lose that one day, man, and thats all you’ve got.
You gotta call that love, man. That’s what it is, man.”
-Janis Joplin

“If we have chosen the position in life in which we can most of all work for mankind, no burdens can bow us down, because they are sacrifices for the benefit of all…”
-Karl Marx

Favorite Writers

Virginia Woolf, Neil Gaiman