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Andy Michele


Ocean Beach, CA.

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About Me

I’m an artist, a business owner…am a macrame//weaving professional…#crazyplantlady – work at an animal rescue ranch where i have two beautiful horses. . .have three rescued and rehabilitated pigeons in my backyard who refuse to leave (so, obviously, I built them a coop  >—->>  UPDATE: they courted, had two sets of babies…rescued two more…9 birds), a snake, a beard, dogs. . . I’m vegan, love gardening, cooking, true crime podcasts, essential oils, crystals, all that hippie shit, and home improvement projects. I live at the beach, love the forest, have lots of tattoos, dreads, am really close to my parents, an only child…love to make stuff. . .collect weird things I find in nature, am Irish, German, Norwegian, Native, and Jamaican, couldn’t live without music, am easily overly stimulated,  and I grew up in Hollywood. Unicorn.

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Lesbian, Gay, Queer, Sexually Fluid, Other


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