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About Me

I’ve recently discovered this site, and I have to say that I love it. So I’ve decided to stay.
I’m just an average girl. I’m from Spain, and I’m studying Medicine. I live with my parents, my brother, my sister and my dog. I love writing, singing, playing the piano and the guitar (though I don’t have much time lately), reading (just about anything), listening to music (from metal to classical music, anything that’s well done), cooking… I don’t know. Just know that it’s difficult for me to get bored. lol
I have a long-term boyfriend, though I’ve experimented with women, so I would consider myself, at the very least, bi-curious. I don’t really like labels, though. I like to think that I’m atracted to people, regardless the gender. :-)
Aaand, that’s all, I guess… ;-)
Greetings from Spain!

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