Appalachian Farm Girl in the Pacific Northwest


edited by Heather.

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Ren (Reinelaren) is a butch lesbian illustrator and designer, who makes comics about her life. She is an Appalachian farm girl living in Portland, OR. She loves birds and plants. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Ren has written 7 articles for us.


  1. This so beautiful! You definitely convey that feeling of being in a new place and trying to make sense of it.
    Also, I love your expression while doing the tick check – very relatable :)

  2. I’ve lived in Portland my whole life, it isn’t perfect at all, but its home, and the nature is absolutely stunning. Do yourself a favor this summer and try blackberry picking at thousand acre parks, its beautiful, bountiful, and full of friendly dogs. I hope PDX treats you well <3

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