A+ Roundtable: The Relationships We Stayed In Too Long

February holds a different kind of anniverary for me. When the icy part of winter returns, and the endless cycle of melting and freezing creates a thick, unfriendly crust on top of the dirty snow, I remember the last relationship I was in that went on too long. This is because, in 12 short days, I'll mark, as I do every year, the day when I woke up and started to put plans in motion to leave. In the end, it's the leaving that stays with me, that feels important.

When I put out the call for answers to this roundtable, I wasn't sure how many people would want to share something so vulnerable even if it is tucked away in the A+ section, if anyone would want to talk about staying too long, or if they would not want to look back, not write about it, leave things the way they are. I was blown away, grateful, awed that 12 of us here at Autostraddle wrote about this topic. I hope that if you need this today, that it brings you some comfort, or whatever you may need. We've all been there, lo...

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