A+ Gift Membership Pool

A+ members asked us whether there was a way to contribute to a pool of A+ memberships that we could give away year round, and at long last, we’re so happy to tell you that this is it! Whether you’re someone who wants to give the gift of A+ to those who might not be able to afford a membership right now, or you’re someone who wants to claim a free, one-year gift membership, this is the page for you! As always, THANK YOU to our A+ Members for being active participants in this space that is Autostraddle, for asking for this program, and for helping us find ways to better serve our community. We are so grateful for you!

How It Works

Anyone who wants to contribute can contribute as many free Cobalt-level ($30 USD) memberships as they like. Then, folks who’d like to claim a free membership enter their information and sign up for our list. Everyone’s information is kept secure. This awesome system (set up by Yikes, our tech team) will then notify people waiting on our free membership list, in the order that they sign up. They will be notified via email with instructions when it’s time to claim their free membership. The memberships are Cobalt-level (so recipients have access to ALL A+ content, but no physical perks) and last for one year. All funds collected go to supporting Autostraddle’s work, just as with any A+ membership.

How Do I Know If I Qualify for a Free Gift Membership?

We’re not going to gate-keep who can or can’t put your name on the list. If you feel like this is for you, likely, it is! A+ starts at $4 a month, and we think the cause is a good one — keeping Autostraddle here and working for everyone! However, we recognize that not everyone can pay $4 a month right now or have a payment to The Excitant Group, LLC appear on their statement. Many folks who join A+ report that they read Autostraddle for many years before they were in a financial position to support, and that is very okay! The majority of our site is free for a reason — because we think we should be free to read, with voluntary support from readers. So, if you are someone who would benefit from access to A+ content and you feel like this program is for you, then it probably is! Go for it!

Need Help?

Have questions about A+? Please refer to the A+ membership FAQ on our main A+ Join Page. Have a question not answered in the FAQ or having a technical issue? Please feel free to submit a help ticket or email our A+ Director Nico at nico [at] autostraddle.com. Either way, they’re the one answering! You should receive a response within a few days. A note that charges will appear as The Excitant Group, LLC on statements.