30 Days of Carol: Day 12 – An Exclusive Look at Therese’s Planner on the Morning of December 21st

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On December 21, 1952, Carol Aird and Therese Belivet met for the third time. Previously, they’d met at a retail counter and then in a midtown New York City restaurant to commemorate the first ever Glove Lunch (and one I will recreate in a midtown Los Angeles restaurant in the near future). Lunch, typically a more substantial sibling to breakfast in Western culture, is a generous description here as we know what was consumed were eggs, spinach in heavy cream, and vodka, but whatever blows your bangs back, ladies.

Established at Glove Lunch was the upcoming Sunday they would spend together, starting at 2pm. Therese wrote it down immediately in her planner: “Carol Aird, Seventh avenue entrance, 2pm.” The care with which Therese handled these arrangements reveal a meticulous nature paired with a nervous excitement, so there’s no way that would be the only thing in her planner for that day.

I did some digging to find out exactly what Therese was up to before leaving Richard in the dust on a busy sidewalk without a trace of consideration.


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  1. Erin, thanks to your glorious work I went back and re-watched The Oscar Nominated Carol last night.

    Now, I’ve been trying to do the good Carol’s (blessed be) work since last May, as I’ve got a coworker who is definitely 1,000,000% without a doubt the gayest woman I have ever met, but who comes from a rather repressive culture and is (as far as I know) not out to even herself, but, Carol, do I need her to be because at least in the office she is my Therese.

    Anyway, we were talking last night in the wee hours and I mentioned that after a really stressful day, I decided to watch The Oscar Nominated Carol instead of the very gay PLL (which I also recommended to her, don’t worry), but she seemed to already know about The Oscar Nominated Carol. “Curious,” I thought. She asked me to let her know what I thought about the movie. I guess my description of, “IT’S A BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY ???” was good enough for her, so she’s going to watch it for herself *finally* this weekend and we’ll see if she has any self-discoveries in the process. We ALSO scheduled a lunch (no gloves involved, though, AFAIK) for today as a result of our conversation. So again, Carol bless you, Erin.

  2. This has very little to do with the above exquisite content but I do want you to know that the night after my girlfriend of four years and I broke up, we decided the only way to process our feelings was to rewatch Carol together. It’s truly a film for all occasions.

  3. the only(maybe) thing that really bothers me in this film is that when they meet for glovelunch, carol asks therese what her first name is after already knowing her last name. presumably, therese had written ‘ms. belivet’ on the glove package she had sent to carol. the fucked up part is that therese also asks carol for her first name – even though she had addressed the package to “carol aird” and written carol in her little notebook planner.
    in the script/book, the package is addressed to “mrs. h. aird”, so she doesn’t know who carol is until their lunch.
    does anyone else have a problem with this?

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