The Comment Awards Are Everything but the Kitchen Sphinx


Hi there, cats and kittens! I’ve been earnestly listening to a lot of Brandi Carlisle lately, which may mean my lesbianism has leveled up.

This week, Riese continued to bring us the queer lady history that we wish we’d learned in school — this time with couples!

Relevant to your interests: we started off the week with an Masculine of Center Roundtable from the team.

You probably don’t have enough pins.

This is smart and hopeful and I can’t remember the last time an album review made me cry: Well Damn, Kesha’s “Rainbow” Is a Complicated Reclamation of Pride and Strength.

Because she read the room, Laura’s here with some beer and wine popsicles to keep our summers going.

I will take all of these joggers in the curvy sizes, please. Thanks, Nora!

Hot. Damn.

And then there were your comments!

On Also.Also.Also: Queer Affection Still Makes Straights Uneasy; Maybe They Should Stare at the Eclipse Instead?

The Kitchen Sphinx Award to Lucia:

Dammit, I’ve got everything BUT the kitchen sphinx…

On “BUTCH”: Photographer Meg Allen On Her Kickass Documentation of an Evolving Community:

The Knockout Award to Chandra:

[Reposts photo, from article, of a butch person with a fade boxing in a blue gym] Scrape. Me. Off. the Floor.

On Pop Culture Fix: And No Lesbian Xena Reboot For You, Bye:

The RIP Rous Award to Rous Rose:

Riese: There is a new season of Top of the Lake. Me: Great, I really like that show. Riese: Nicole Kidman AKA the Mommi you weirdly but fervently crushed on after seeing her in The Golden Compass when you were, like, twelve, is starring in it. Me: Oh my goodness, this is fantastic! I can’t wait to watch it! Riese: AS A N E W L Y O U T F E M I N I S T L E S B I A N Me: *Deceased and buried*

On Well Damn, Kesha’s “Rainbow” Is a Complicated Reclamation of Pride and Strength:

The Avatar: The Last Profile Award to Danielle, Not a Robot, and Lex:

Danielle (whose icon is Godzilla): It also features a love song about Godzilla, so that’s relatable for me. But seriously, this is a lovely album that makes me feel like I’m good enough and that my bad past can fuck right off. / Not A Robot (whose icon is a Dalek: Profile picture checks out / Lex: Suddenly I need to know the opposite proverbial idiom of “the pot calling the kettle black

On Five Kinds of Jogger Pants for Any Occasion:

The My Brother’s Joggers’ Keeper Award to Isabelle:

are you saying it’s time for me to stop stealing my brother’s joggers or

On Masculine-of-Center Roundtable: How We Do It and What It Means To Us:

The Surface Tension Award to Shea:

Also: The “center

On 26 Triumphantly ’90s Lesbian Book Covers:

The Anti-Oppression Olympics Award to Chandra:


And on “American Horror Story: Cult” Centers On Michigan Lesbian Horrified by Donald Trump, A Little On the Nose There Ryan:

The Brokeback Boomerang Award to Carmen Phillips, Carmen SanDiego, and Nina:

CP: Dammit, Ryan Murphy!!! I keep quitting you, but you keep reeling me back in! / Carmen SanDiego: Ryan Murphy is my boomerang. / Nina: *Jack Twist voice* I wish I knew how to quit you {Ryan Murphy}

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  1. Well done everyone :)
    What is everyone’s favourite crisp/chip? Do you like non potato versions?
    I like strong flavours like salt & vinegar and prawn cocktail. My favourite of all time was Heinz ketchup flavour but that was a novelty. I like ones made of potatoes obviously but also ones made of peas.

    • I really don’t like the strong flavored chips/crisps! And my favorite sandwich shop ONLY stocks those, which means I’ve gotten healthier ;-)

    • I love salt & vinegar, but the US doesn’t do it right. I’m not picky, I’ll eat almost any type of chip/crisp. I prefer the baked versions, though, because they don’t get my fingers greasy.

    • I like salt & vinegar best. Most other flavours I get tired of after a handful or two. I also really like the ones made out of peas, and the root vegetable ones.

    • There’s all kinds of yummy chip flavors out there! BBQ, ranch, sour cream & onion but i think my all time favorite is Lays Biscuits & Gravy. Prefer baked over fried but they don’t make Biscuits & Gravy in baked so oh well. Also sweet potato chips can be great if done right.

    • My parents have been getting really into cauliflower chips, and I’m like, “damnit parents I’m the lesbian here yet you insist on stealing vegetarianism from me”

      I like Cape Cod kettle chips myself

    • Favourite Chips of all time:

      I do like parsnip chips with creole mustard for dipping as special treat and regularly stock sea salt and vinegar chips because they are my life blood.

    • I was resisting the urge to clap for the kitchen Sphinx when I first saw it.
      That would be hard to explain to my coworkers

  2. That entire kitchen sphinx thread is comedy gold.

    Also, “My Brother’s Joggers’ Keeper” ?? (and well done with the correct apostrophes)

  3. Ok everyone, if you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be? “Food” can be defined as a single item (like a type of fruit, for example) or anything that can be made using one recipe.

    • But it I had to choose three cuisines for the rest of my life it would be Japanese, Italian and Argentinian

          • Mexican, Greek and Thai. Although it would have to be real Greek from Greece. That was the best food I have ever eaten in my life.

          • British (I know it sounds ukip but we have fish & chips. I’m basing a lot on that), Italian (I basically live on pasta and pizza), French.
            Pickled egg & chips, croissant & salami, Hawaiian pizza.
            If I had the chance to eat meal from anywhere in world in a day I’d do those three too. French have the best pastry breakfasts, I love pasta for lunch then fish and chips for dinner.
            This is actually close to my life now.

      • In Argentina we do love our meat…

        An we can add some veggies to avoid the heart attack…

    • Hmmmmm, for food items bbq ribs, pizza, and brownies. For cuisines japanese, italian, and american

    • I can’t even answer my own question. It’s too hard. I think maybe cheese, Thai green curry, and perfectly ripe summer peaches.

      BUT COOKIES THOUGH. And shahi paneer. And dal. Ok, those are my backup choices.

    • Crisp Dill Pickles, Well-grilled and seasoned steak, and Spicy Tuna Sushi with Soy Sauce and Wasabi.

    • Wow, I’m late to this party but:
      roasted vegetables
      vegan bacon

      Olives, cherries, and good vegan cheese are tied for fourth.

    • A bit late for the party/orgy but let’s see…

      3 foods:

      – Red meat (especially Bife de Chorizo, I think it’s similar to an american steak)

      – Chocolate

      – Peaches

  4. This is Rous writing in from San Junipero. Thank you for the Comment Award! I’m honoured to be among this week’s fantastic winners.

    • Rous you, personally, got me so excited about Top of the Lake I tried to watch it, but it’s not available yet.

      • I’m glad some of my exceeding joy rubbed of on you! Seeing as I prehumously lived in Belgium, I’d probably have had to wait 5000 years to watch the show. Good thing time is but an earthly illusion and does not exist here in heaven.

      • I will! She’s busy living out all of our fanfictional dreams!
        All the Bury Your Gays victims are here too, by the way. Poussey and Lexa are totally into each other, but neither of them has made the first move yet. I myself am currently gauging whether Kate McKenzie (from Last Tango in Halifax) would be into a May/December romance. Fingers crossed!

        • Is Dana the San Junipero tennis champion? I hope she beats Xena in the final. I bet Xena is very competitive

          • Why, of course she is! Also the champion of 98% of the local queermos’ hearts.
            Speaking of Xena, she told me the reason the reboot isn’t happening is because she refused to do it due it it not being gay enough. I think she and I are going to be great friends.

  5. Who is your favorite Sailor Senshi from Sailor Moon?

    Mine is Sailor Mars followed closely by Sailor Jupiter!

    • I love Sailor Mars!!!!! I tell everybody that she was my first crush (and tbh still is to this day). Second would be Venus and I may or may not be a Reinako shipper. But really, all the girls are amazing.

      • She was one of my very first crushes and still is too! In fact i have a Sailor Mars wallet, headphone charms, key chain, and phone case lol. My fav pairings are Rei/Usagi, Makoto/Ami, Makoto/Minako, and Chibiusa/Hotaru. But you are right, they are ALL awesome! =^.^=

    • Oh goodness, I haven’t watched Sailor Moon in a long time. Jupiter was always my favorite.

  6. Awesome comments and awards as usual. And I’ve been listening to Rainbow every since Mey’s amazing review (and crying).

    My heart is heavy today – we have to say goodbye to my cat. She has kidney failure and stopped eating a few days ago. I know we’re making the right decision to put her down but it’s so hard.

    She’s my profile photo – that’s a characteristic, stop-making-look-at-the-camera-noises-foolish-human expression. Her hobbies included chasing balls, batting crumpled paper, purring and getting as high up as possible. She excelled at finding the warmest spots, entertaining small children and fitting into boxes of all sizes. She liked to join me for meditation and to supervise my sun salutation Yoga postures.

  7. Ahhhh! Well, this was certainly a surprise. Congratulations to everyone else for writing much funnier things than me

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