Also.Also.Also: Queer Affection Still Makes Straights Uneasy; Maybe They Should Stare at the Eclipse Instead?

Happy Eclipse Day! I hope it’s everything you need it to be.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ A Gay Couple Was Told They Didn’t Go with the Ambiance at a DC Restaurant.

+ Heather Matarazzo on Meeting Her Birth Mother.

+ How My All-Girls Summer Camp Helped Me Become the Lesbian I Am Today.

+ Q for queer rights: Transgender group starts YouTube channel to fight discrimination.

+ Buddhism, diaspora and the challenge of faith in queer communities.

+ Amandla Stenberg Directed a Lovely Meditation Video for Anxious Teens.

+ A Behind-the-Scenes First Look at Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern in JT Leroy.

+ This Is Kate McKinnon’s Trick To Keeping A Straight Face On “SNL”.

+ Where Have All the Lesbian Bars Gone?

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ How Trump Ruined My Relationship with My Mother.

+ Warrants Issued For White Supremacist Featured In Vice Film.

+ Don’t call all American white supremacists “Nazis.” Their ideology of hate is homegrown.

+ People Seem To Be Creating Fake Accounts Of White Women To Push Anti-Feminist And Racist Agendas.

+ U.S. Lawmakers Seek Kushner Company Records on Maryland Apartments.

+ Hate That Doesn’t Hide.

+ What White Nationalism Gets Right About American History.

+ Post-Charlottesville, Dee Rees Counts Down America’s Pathologically Violent History.

Doll Parts

+ It’s Complicated: White Women, White Men & White Supremacy.

+ The Women Behind the ‘Alt-Right’.

+ Twice As Many Teen Girls Are Killing Themselves and We Don’t Know Why.

+ That Joss Whedon situation.

+ Women Say They Quit Google Because of Racial Discrimination.

+ Do you want a Missy Elliott statue? You sure do.

+ 10 Black Owned Vegan And Cruelty Free Makeup Brands You Need To Try.

+ St Vincent: ‘I’m in deep nun mode’.

Keep Up

+ Don’t Kid Yourself, White Nationalism Is on the Rise in Canada Too.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Charlottesville Reader Responses, part of the Folklore Project at Bitter Southerner.

+ How To Talk Race with Your Family.


+ In the Future, Your Body Won’t Be Buried, You’ll Dissolve.

+ This is a truly bonkers headline, but: ‘Psychologically scarred’ millennials are killing countless industries from napkins to Applebee’s — here are the businesses they like the least.

+ Play the best game where the objective is to ignore people and pet dogs at a house party.

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  1. According to Downy maker Procter & Gamble’s head of global fabric care, millennials “don’t even know what the product is for.”

    So true. I tried washing my clothes with it, but that didn’t work. Then I tried using it to clean the physical washing machine, but it just left a film on everything! I had to visit the ER after putting it in my tea. It was terrible as a shampoo and body wash. The cat didn’t seem to like it as a pet shampoo either. I thought maybe it was a plant fertilizer for a while, but it killed everything. It made a huge mess in the dishwasher. Let’s just say it shouldn’t be tried as an oven cleaner! Maybe some day I’ll figure out what the infernal thing is for!

    … or maybe we already fucking know and don’t have the disposable income to spend on a frivolous luxury item because that’s what it fucking is! :P

  2. This is by no means supporting Joss Whedon…I just find it funny that the article was all about his wife calling him out on being a hypocrite and in one of her first sentences she says she stays out of the public eye and doesn’t want attention, and yet she writes this piece that has put her front and center.

    • She’s hurt and that’s valid. I get why she did it, not saying what she did was right.
      I’m just happy he’s not in trouble for rape or sex trafficking. That is what I was expecting when I clicked.
      I hope they both get needed therapy.
      I understand articles from Carmen Llywelyn (on scientology, exwife of Jason Lee) or R Kelly survivors, but their drama should have stayed THEIR DRAMA, unless Whedon was out their trying to hurt women. But maybe I’m numb to cheating and the world should know about this.

  3. “Almost 40% of millennials surveyed by Mintel said cereal was an inconvenient breakfast choice because they had to clean up after eating it, The New York Times reported in 2016.”

    Ummm, I have questions. How are my fellow millennials preparing their morning cereal? Are they tossing each individual cornflake toward the bowl from across the room? Are they pouring the milk from atop a stepladder? Is the path from the table to the kitchen obstructed by a sphinx who demands they answer her riddles before she allows them to put the bowl into the sink?

  4. Ah, Joss Whedon. Was he ever really considered a feminist ? He always felt so creepy to me. The vibe I got from him was “heartless”, I guess, “dis-compassionate”, if that’s a word; if not it is one now. I liked – scratch that – I loved the first five seasons of Buffy with a passion, but that was largely the cast’s doing, IMHO. The treatment of women in his shows always felt sketchy to me, especially Dollhouse. Brrr that show.

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