Queer Crip Love Fest: Nana’s Stories and Ginger Loaf

“I think for many of us as disabled folk, we’ve come to terms with what we experience — but Nana’s experience of dementia is sort of different in that she doesn’t always know what’s happening or who and what she can trust. We can be empowered about disability at the same time as acknowledging that some of it really, seriously fucking hurts.”

Queer Crip Love Fest: We Make it Radical

“I try and proudly practice calling my body home, to truly inhabit my body, to feel what it feels like to live inside these muscles that bend and curl, and to feel proud of it, and no longer ashamed. This is queer crip pride.”

Queer Crip Love Fest: Insider/Outsider

“I feel affinity for parts of Asian communities, neuerodivergent communities, queer communities and kink communities. I don’t really feel completely invested in one place. It’s always been like that.”

Queer Crip Love Fest: Parenting at the Intersections

“Before becoming a parent, I looked at parenting through rose-colored glasses — with an able-bodied person’s perspective. It was drilled into my head by other people, well-meaning as they were, that I probably shouldn’t have children.”

Queer Crip Love Fest: The Two Great Loves of My Life

“There are people who, when I say I have a chronic illness and try to talk about it, will be like ‘Well, you’re just an adult now.’ I mean, yes, but also, this is real. It does keep me at home a lot. I do have a weakened immune system. I’m not making this up.”