Nino Cipri’s “FINNA” Confronts Capitalism and Killer Furniture

FINNA’s protagonists are two exes of less than a week, Jules (they/them) and Ava (she/her), who continue to work at the same godforsaken mega furniture store named LitenVärld, an IKEA approximation in an unknown city and country. A portal to another realm opens up and into it escapes an elderly customer who Jules and Ava must now retrieve, or risk being fired.

Why? Because capitalism.

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Shira Erlichman’s “Odes to Lithium” Explores Bipolar Disorder and Taking Care

“Many creatives still have reservations and fears around medication as they believe that it will dampen the creative flow, turn off the magic, or make them less able to connect with the emotion they are trying to convey. This misconception is dismantled in Erlichman’s poetry, she’s sharp and precise while illustrating the often untethered emotion that comes with mania or psychosis.”