10 Favorite Books by Bisexual Women to Read For Bisexual Awareness Week

Spanning genre from fiction to essays to memoir, these books are vibrant, boundary-breaking, and as intriguing as they are affirming. I strongly recommend curling up with one of these in your favorite café to celebrate Bisexual Visiblility Day today and all this week — settle in for some miso soup (what Ruby, the heroine of Eating Chinese Food Naked, drinks as comfort food) with maybe some biryani and chai for the second course (from Corona, by Bushra Rehman) and read some of these literary works.

Food and Drink

The 5 Cookbooks by Women I Couldn’t Live Without

These are full of scribbled notes, neon “make me next” tabs, oil drips, crinkled pages and most of all, recipes that I adore. They’ve brought immense amounts of joy into my life by way of conversations over dinner and memories made while cooking with people I love, and they all contribute to making me a better, happier cook day by day.