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Hattisburg, MS

About Me

About Me

pansexual genderweird. broke-ass soft grunge hard femme. demonic punk rock pixie from space.

capricorn sun / cancer rising / pisces moon.


i’m white as mayo and i say “ya’ll” a lot.

i have a passion for anything otherworldly. i fancy myself the deep hipster artsy type. i’m an armchair occultist and a sort of sometimes writer. when i do bother to put on my robe and wizard hat, i practice norse-flavored chaos magic.

i like documentaries, animation, musicals, horror flicks, Disney, epic high fantasy with wizards and dragons and unicorns and shit, vampires, and stuff that makes you cry. you will hate every second of watching anything with me because i consider myself an honorary member of the MST3K team.

Check All That Apply

Queer, Transgender, Genderqueer, Pansexual


norse-flavored chaos witch

Relationship Status

In a Relationship, Non-Monogamous Relationship, Damaged

What I Like

Favorite Books

Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Dracula, Frankenstein, Alice in Wonderland, Lolita, A Series if Unfortunate Events, Watchmen, The Vampire Chronicles, The Hunger Games, Hannibal, A Series if Unfortunate Events, The Killing Joke.