Lydia Rose

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Lydia Rose




new york, NY

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About Me

I collect facts about other humans, and fall in love with my friends a lot. My animal best friend is an alpaca named Kevin Skeletor, but I moved to the city and now he won’t pick up my calls. I write a lot of poetry in an effort to avoid real life. Also I am a singer/actress like everyone else in this city. My therapist once told me to think of my (mild) agoraphobia, as reverse-vampirism, (i have anxiety about leaving the house unless I am invited out) I’m not sure of the validity of that advice since it really only inspired me to eat a lot of garlic bread.

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Lesbian, Queer, Genderqueer, Non-binary


mostly cookie dough and other queer people

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Basically if it is written well and bound in paper I am all over that shit.