Monica Roberts Remembered Us. Now We Remember Her.

Every time I crossed paths with Monica Roberts, I was always surprised by how tight she held me as we hugged — Now, so many young Black trans people can look to her as an ancestor. Every trans journalist is indebted to the space Monica has carved out for us. Every trans person owes her a great deal for forcing the world to see us in our unmistakable worth.

Let Us Consider St. Gertrude, the Cat Lady Alternative to St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day, every non-Irish person’s favourite excuse to get piss drunk, talk in an annoying accent all day and cover everything in Green is coming up once again. But why celebrate an embarrassingly tacky version of someone else’s religious holiday when you can hold a party for the patron saint of cat ladies, Gertrude of Nivelles, instead.

Snapshots of Pride Across Time

This series was an opportunity to honor our queer history by recreating iconic pride photographs through a modern lens, making explicit the connection between the past and the present that forms the living legacy we’re all a part of.