Hil Malatino’s “Trans Care” Doesn’t Have the Answers on Meeting Trans Community Needs — But It Shouldn’t

It’s doubly oppressive that we’re denied care and then left to fulfill the care needs of each other with our own depleted resources. Transantagonism is a global pandemic of indifference and hatred – but there’s no vaccine coming. If you were looking for answers, they aren’t here. If you want to ponder the nuance and difficulty of care, though – dive into Trans Care.

Lez Liberty Lit: Allow For The Unexpected

Why private eyes are watching you, watching everything (jk) (probably); computers are machines; banned books to read by writers of color; Karla Cornejo Villavicencio is the first undocumented person to ever be nominated for a National Book Foundation Award; and more.

8 Books Featuring Bi+ People in Longterm Relationships

Given that identities are often assumed based on the gender of a person’s current partner(s), how do bi+ folks navigate longterm relationships? What effect does being in a longterm relationship have on a bi+ person’s understanding of self? How does their bi+ identity interact with intersecting identities and those of their partner(s)? How do poly and monogamous relationships differ for bi+ people? All those questions and more are explored in these fiction and non-fiction books about bi+ people!