8 Great Books About Queer Monstrous Women

“Books about *monstrous women* of all varieties. Softhearted giantesses, feral shapeshifters, malicious sea creatures, lonely gorgons. Women with the strength of gods, women with fangs and fur, women formed of craggy rock or ice or fire.”


Some Covers of Some Lesbian Sci-Fi Books

When I made a pledge to myself a few years back to only read sci-fi books by or about queer people, I wondered whether the cover art would be subtly queered in the process. The answer, in many cases, was no: it was queered to the absolute max.

Books Sex + Relationships

‘Wait, What?’ Is the Body-Affirming, Gender-Expansive Sex Ed Comic Preteens Need

The book deftly acknowledges that each of its five main characters is different in their experience of their bodies, sexualities, genders, romantic interests, and overall development. It allows each kid to define their experience on their own terms and shows a little of their process of becoming comfortable with their unique selves, while promoting kind and thoughtful behavior toward all peers.