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    you guys..Batwoman #1. totally worth the long wait. this is definitely 1 of my top picks from the relaunch.

    • I just came here to say that! The artwork was fucking gorgeous and the story is really great so far. Batgirl was pretty damn good too, redheads represent! I know a lot of people are Cassandra Caine fans but Gail Simone writing Babs feels like such a good fit.

      In non-lady news Animal Man was super good, I really love how Lemire handled such an unknown character and breathed life into the story. GL I liked too if only to see how Hal handled not being a Lantern and the repercussions of him being so far removed from the rest of the world were…. that and I totally imagine Nathan Fillion reading Hal’s lines when Jonns writes him. But I digress.

      Anyone else insanely disappointed with Static Shock?

    • Batwoman is like this red thing that I wait for every month that is not my period. AND IT FUCKS WITH MY HORMONES JUST AS MUCH.

      I love this series.