Sunday Funday 5.17 – Yahoo Messed Up but The Lynch & Judge Judy Can Do No Wrong

Best Autostraddle Week Ever: For Reals. Riese interviewed and Robin photographed Celesbian Superstar Julie Goldman, lesbian love heated up on Grey’s Anatomy and therefore also on Carlytron’s Tuesday Televisionary, y’all creamed all over the Scorching Steaming Hot Autostraddle Hot 100 and Stef’s The Beat on the Street covered Amanda Palmer’s play as well as Vivian and Bat for Lashes shows. Also our latest girl-on-gallery is “Say it with a T-Shirt”!

Today: What a musical week we’ve had! Laneia (formerly known as Green) debuts our new Girl-on-World feature — it’s super-awesome, we’re really excitant about it and you should check it out rightnow! Also, our Autostraddle Roundtable tackles the tough questions — “Who’s REALLY Hot right now?”

Last night (Saturday the 16th) we had some serious internet drama with yahoo! finance pushing a blatantly bigoted political agenda on their site with a story that had nothing at all to do with finance. Luckily we were totally successful in getting them to pull it off, cover their tracks somewhat clumsily, and go back to “business as usual.” We’re really happy about this and thank everyone for helping and you can read all about it here: “Fixin’ to Punch Yahoo! Finance in the Face: #YAHOOFAIL.”

+ Interview with Jane Lynch! (@chicago tribune)

Coming out was never really a choice for Lynch, because she can’t actually remember being in the closet, certainly not since she’s lived in L.A. She has played both gay and straight characters, and Lynch said she’s never felt typecast. ] “I think the reason for that is that we, as a society, have come a long way in accepting that it’s just another way of loving,” Lynch said. “I also think it’s because I’m a character actor. I don’t think it’s so easy a road for an ingenue, male or female.”

+ This is the most amazing Jezebel Judge Judy Comic Confrontation EVER.

+ Girl’s Life: Repeat Body Image Offenders! “THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, LAUREN. THIS IS NOT OKAY, GIRL’S LIFE MAGAZINE. How dare you give this girl such shitty information? “Work out more” is your only advice? Your only means of reaching this girl and providing healthy insight in to working out, being fit, and being comfortable in her own skin? This is supposed to be a magazine that encourages self-esteem?!” (@jezebel)

+ It’s down to the wire for L Word actress Kate Moennig’s CBS pilot Three Rivers, but it’s looking good … Portia De Rossi’s ABC sitcom Better off Ted and Eliza Dushku’s FOX series Dollhouse have been renewed (

+ New Hampshire governor backs gay marriage. (@associated press)

+ The Fragile State of Gayer Iowa: three weeks later. (@time)

+ Sex work after craigslist: “There are very few people asking the workers themselves what they think this means for their safety or their livelihoods. In general, few if any seem to feel that their lives have become safer.” (@carnal nation)

+ Christina Ricci’s Top Five Sex Scenes: this is the only situation in which the Prozac Nation adaptation will ever rank on anything, like, anywhere. But I’m glad it did! (

+ Queerty says: Stop inviting Anderson Cooper on Ellen ’til that WASP starts dancing:

+ Let’s rank women all day long!  50 Most Glamorous Women of 2009! (@glamour)

+ If gays get married, we’ll all get married! It’ll be anarchy!

How confusing is this exactly? One adult human being + One adult human being = acceptable union. That’s all. No room for livestock or multiple wives or children in there, right? Right.

+ Hallmark’s SAME – sex wedding cards go mainstream … (initially I wrote “sex wedding cards” instead of same-sex wedding cards which as Intern Hot Laura pointed out is slightly disappointing)  with four whole cards to choose from, and none of ’em use the words “marriage” or “wedding.” Hopefully at least one says “I wanna commitment ceremony you!” (@contracoasttimes)

more later ….

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  1. I’ve never posted before, but I love this website. The posts this week have brightened my work week… so thanks for that!

    Off to go marry a cow now!

  2. i really wish hallmark had sex greeting cards, but i think you probs mean same-sex, which is a slight disappointment.

    • um, AMAZING catch, I LOL’ed for real. i wish they had sex cards too. i’m sure someone does. we should sell some. write that down!

  3. 1. “the homosexuals have taken over every aspect of the culture” what!? the fuck do you compare child molestation and paedophelia to same sex marriage!? ’cause that stuff doesn’t happen when gays don’t get married. Yeah, I’ve never heard of a heterosexual molesting a kid before.

    • yeah! andddddd on top of that … um … Much better to have a homophobic society (reinforced by a lack of equal rights) that encourages gays to stay in the closet and repress their perfectly natural desire, thus leading to situations like um … child molestation … like the whole thing with the priests … sigh. I can only safely conclude that all these people are gay or want to marry children. Do people want to marry children? I haven’t heard of this happening.

      That would be a neat rally!

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