2012’s Most Popular Autostraddle Posts And Top Search Terms

2012’s Top Search Terms Bringing People To Autostraddle 

1. Autostraddle

2. lesbian sex

3. jillian michaels gay

4. lesbian sex tips

5. how to have lesbian sex

6. lesbian sex positions

7. best lesbian movies

8. lesbian fashion

9. ellen page gay

10. is jillian michaels gay

11. top lesbian movies

12. lesbian movies

13. lesbian tumblr

14. heidi rhoades

15. megan rapinoe

16. glee

17. lesbians

18. curvy models

19. alternative lifestyle haircuts

20. good lesbian movies


2012’s Top Search Queries Abiding By Search Query Structure  “[Person] + [Sexual Orientation]” 

1. jillian michaels gay (#3 overall)

2. ellen page gay (#9)

3. freja beha erichsen gay (#29)

4. kristen stewart gay (#34)

5. andrej pejic gay (#43)

6. jillian michaels lesbian (#58)

7. evan rachel wood bisexual (#59)

8. tom cruise gay proof (#74)

9. whitney houston gay (#75)

10. shaun t gay (#86)

11. dianna agron gay (#92)

11. jessie j gay (#131)

12. kreayshawn bi (#171)

13. jenny owen youngs gay (#222)

14. katherine moennig gay (#227)

15. megan rapinoe gay (#233)

Stay tuned for more lists as time runs out for us to sufficiently pat our own backs!

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  1. 0

    The ‘Epic Gallery: 150 years of Lesbians…’ post is truly brilliant and certainly one of my favourite pieces that I read (from any publication – online or offline) at any point during 2012.

    On a separate note; as a massive SEO nerd this post makes me so happy! I would be particularly interested to see what people search for within Autostraddle internally – ie. what the regular readers and members search for within the site, rather than the general interweb arriving here trying to find out who’s gay.

  2. 0

    That is amazing re: Lizz’s Australian newsprint fame. I did not know this kind of plagiarism was a thing and will be paying much closer attention to my local rags from now on.

  3. 0

    Everyone I have a conversation with about T Swift I send to that article Riese wrote about how horrible she is in every way, so I am très happy to see it is still heavily trafficked.

  4. 0

    I feel like I must have been MIA for most of 2012, as I can’t remember many of these posts that are featured in all these top lists. Clearly I have some catching up to do.

    Also, I’m with JC on telling everyone ever to read the Taylor Swift article. Also the comments. I always tell them the comments add to the brilliance of the commentary Riese brings.

  5. 0

    ‘150 years of lesbians …’ was absolutely wonderful. Definitely down as one of my favourite ever Autostraddle posts. Heartwarming kinda stuff. Also, I know that one of my ex-lecturers, whom I was totally smitten with, would love it. She’s gay. She’s a history lecturer. She likes pictures. What is there not to love?

    I really appreciated ‘Texting your ex-girlfriend’ too – all for comedic value. Enjoyed recommending it to a friend who really needed the advice as well.

  6. 0

    a straight, male friend of mine posted that taylor swift article on facebook recently, because he thought it was awesome probs. I was like “WHEEEEE!”

    • 0

      Seriously, I love that article – some of the comments are wacky, but the article perfectly explains my discomfort with Taylor Swift, her songs and all that she represents.

    • 0

      Just re-read it and the comments. The article was definitely interesting – I still have mixed feelings about it. But, the opportunity to discuss it in a meaningful way quickly fell apart. It was unfortunate that people weren’t able to agree or disagree with differing parts of the article without someone with an opposing view calling them either insensitive or too sensitive.

      The events around that article is an outlier – AS comments/commenters are generally awesome.

      • 0

        Yeah, I find that 9 times out of 10 when the comments go to hell, it’s usually because of jerks from another site who flood the article, not because of our regular commenters. Our regular commenters are awesome!

        One thing that made me happy about my ponies post is it’s a rare case where we got flooded with outside commenters (because it got linked on several MLP fansites, including the most popular one, Equestria Daily) but the commenting quality was still awesome. Probably because most of them were bronies who were like “Hey, someone said something nice about us for once and actually did their research instead of resorting to stereotypes!”

        • 0

          Er, I shouldn’t have said “rare” – obviously, most outside commenters are great and add to the site. But it seems like when we get a huge invasion like that, it’s usually for controversy’s sake? Maybe that’s just me.

  7. 0

    I must have linked the Taylor Swift rant a hundred times on Twitter this year.

    It’s just a really good post, okay

  8. 0

    oh man i actually just love going back to comment sections full of trolls and reading like 200 comments worth of hilarious editor-supplied additions to hateful comments. you’re all super amazing. keep up the dancing hotdogs.

    • 0

      and i think i just read the entire comment section on the taylor swift article. i get the impression that the editors of this lovely website have basically just given up on going anywhere near that. i feel like if autostraddle was a family christmas gathering where everyone is wearing cute sweaters and having intellectual discussions over the tofurkey, then that comment section is the drunk uncle that sits in the corner, yells out obnoxious shit, and hits on your girlfriend, and you’ve just all decided that if you ignore him, maybe he’ll shut up eventually.

  9. 0

    So I was reading the comments on one of these articles, and then the Infamous Fingernails Article was linked in a comment, and of course every time that link comes up I have to re-read it… is that just me?

    Also, *shudder*

  10. 0

    That easter egg roll is actually one of my favorite posts! Once in a while I’ll get really bored and look it up; it’s probably the funniest way to kill half an hour.

  11. 0

    I know absolutely nothing about My Little Pony but I just read that article. And all of the comments. And now I’ve found it on Netflix. Y’all must have some kind of voodoo at work around here.

  12. 0

    Nice retrospective. Witnessing (and occasionally commenting on) your journey for the past few years has been aces. And now, I will revisit some of the posts mentioned, starting with Laneia’s most-commented-on post; I recall thinking it was moving and charming, and it mentioned something about boats (?) that made me laugh.

    [I wrote this while listening to Everypony’s gay for Braeburn, brought to me by Equestria Daily, via this, because why not. Boats.]

  13. 0

    Yeah, this is immature and irrelevant as Taylor Swift herself but it gave me lols: “Never was this bunnyrabBITCHild persona more exploited than it was after the VMAs.” Sometimes even dyslexia can be fun.

  14. 0

    Wait a sec, did AS not invent, or at least popularise, the term Alternative Lifestyle Haircut?

    So this has propogated throughout the internet and now people use it to return to the very cradle of ALH?

    I feel like somehow this is very meta and cyclical and the world will soon be sucked into a vortex of asymmetrical queer coiffures.

    • 0

      it was first said during a gay pimp podcast episode starring me and carly – johnny was joking about how he could tell from our alternative lifestyle haircuts that we were lesbians (i had a different haircut then, obvs!) – and then we popularized it and now everybody uses it everywhere b/c we rule

  15. 0

    But! Half the replies on http://www.autostraddle.com/there-must-be-at-least-five-ways-to-text-your-ex-girlfriend-138626/ are mental spam from bizarre randoms singing the praises of a myriad of witch-doctors who will get your ex back for you.

    Do the spam comments count? Having said that, it was the most marvellous article, one that I should have re-read yesterday. Perhaps then I would not be suffering from this massive bout of message-outbox alco-shame. Le sigh.

    • 0

      I was reliving the great comment wars of 2012 and I noticed that you referred to a certain troll named Trixie as “the great and powerful Trixie” and I just wanted to come back to the present and let you know that you won my heart/pants and all the things.

      • 0

        Wait, I don’t remember this, which comment war was this?

        (But thanks! I’m glad people appreciate/understand my random MLP references!)

        • 0

          The Dirty Truth About Bisexuals

          And I was slightly wrong, the troll’s username was Tricksie, so I spelled it wrong. Speaking of Trixie, do you do fanfic? And have you read Kindness’s Reward?

          • 0

            I read MLP fanfiction (since that’s the bulk of the focus of my article above) although I’m a bit behind right now. But I’ve never gotten that into writing it, at least not with ponies.

  16. 0

    I enjoyed this post so much!
    Thanks for all of this great content 🙂
    The femme article was great. And I just read Rose’s pony article. So strange, but SO WELL DONE. Another site with lower standards would have massacred topics like this.
    I also love that AS can admit when things are ‘a disaster’ or a fucking shitstorm.
    If the most googled stats were dependant on me Peanut butter cookies would be no.1. Cos i cannot tell you how often i’ve needed that recipe in an emergency.

  17. 0

    I think it’s weird that I really, really like all the lists and stats about Autostraddle. So this compilation is fantastic.

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